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The members of Alamo Group The Netherlands are Herder and Votex in Middelburg and, Conver and Roberine in Giessen. 

Conver is renowned in the water management sector. Conver produces customized mowing solutions for the maintenance of embankments and flow profiles of waterways. Conver also develops and manufactures floating dredgers for small-scale dredging operations and amphibious machines capable of carrying out maintenance in even the most unusual situations. In addition, Conver manufacturers pasture mowing machinery.

Herder, based in Middelburg, was founded in 1947, and over the course of 70 years has evolved into the world's largest manufacturer of specific machinery for cleaning and maintaining open irrigation and drainage channels, ditches and watercourses. Herder's machinery is marketed in more than 30 countries. Clients in the Netherlands and all over the world can rely on Herder's maintenance and service departments. Herder is also increasingly being called in to develop and manufacture customized machinery. During the coming fifty years we will need to make even more efficient use of the available agricultural land. Automation and robotization will then need to provide for a breakthrough.

Votex, also a member of Alamo Group The Netherlands, is specialized in the development and manufacture of machinery for the management of vegetation in public areas. The company's flail mowers, rotary mowers, shredders and suction trucks are marketed in the Netherlands and abroad. Votex also manufactures special machinery at the request of leading brands. Clients who opt for Votex opt for the certainty of many years' trouble-free operations.

Roberine is a Dutch manufacturer of mowing machines. The brand has been renowned since 1951 for top quality and perfect cutting patterns, and this is perhaps even more true in the present day than ever before. Roberine's high-grade engineering did not escape the notice of the competition. Although Roberine disappeared from the market, fortunately, the name lived on in the hearts of professionals. Moreover, Roberine's technology has always been available.

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