Mowing to the highest standard


Mowing to the highest standard

Roberine is a Dutch manufacturer of mowing machines. The brand has been renowned since 1951 for top quality and perfect cutting patterns, and this is perhaps even more true in the present day than ever before.

Roberine offers so much more than a perfect cutting pattern; it also features an attractive price tag. This makes Roberine the brand for all professionals in the green sector specializing in the management of sports grounds, parks and green spaces in public areas. The self-propelled mowers are the result of many years of experience in developing and creating machines for the green sector. In addition, the most advanced technology has been used, not only in terms of engine and drive engineering but also in terms of mowing technology.

The 5-series is based on the technology of the 3-series, which means that every professional can rely on a concept that has been proven in practice. The use of the best materials combined with ingenious technology minimizes the chance of breakdowns. This makes it possible to use the machine day in, day out.

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Industrieweg 18
4283GZ, Giessen

Telefoon: 0183-447272