You will achieve more with Herder


You will achieve more with Herder

Herder has built and developed world-class versatile functional machines for over 70 years. Machines which are fabricated in the Netherlands. Over the years, Herder has grown to become a phenomenon. The best-selling brand in the global market for ditch, verge, tree and bank maintenance. Herder assures the highest quality, the best results, a long lifespan and ergonomically sound working practices.

Doing business means looking to the future and taking risks. But today, running a business is also looking to the past and the excluding of risks. Opting for Herder is a safe choice. You will not only opting for a machine you can count on for day and night reliability, but you also opting for a machine which is versatile in application. You can use a Herder just as easily at the waterside as well as along a motorway.

A Herder will prove itself in all hard-to-reach areas. Herder ensures that you can work in the most extreme situations and that you have a variety of possible application at hand. With Herder you will therefore more than reach your goal, both as a user and a business owner. Herder-Fermex is a well-known brand of stump cutters. The machines are well-suited for rough work in the field or along roadsides. They are characterized by robustness and the low number of wearing parts. The stump cutters guarantee a high production. Expand your possibilities with Herder-Fermex.

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Herculesweg 6
4338 PL Middelburg
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 118 679500