Mission and vision

Mission| Growing to a higher level

Vegetation management,  both in agriculture and the maintenance of vegetation in public areas, is of vital importance to society. Alamo Group The Netherlands provides the knowledge, experience and tools the professionals in the sector need to achieve sustainable growth and to elevate themselves to both a higher quantitative and quantitative level. Pursuant to its sustainable growth objective, Alamo Group The Netherlands also, whenever feasible, produces in a responsible manner or selects companies that are aware of the need for a sustainable future.

Vision | A green future for everyone

Mankind has made tremendous developments over the past 175 years. A constant stream of innovations has enabled us to harvest more per hectare. These innovations have also enabled us to allocate land for agricultural purposes that had not previously been suitable. We are now once again on the threshold of a new development: IT will elevate the sector to a higher level. This is also necessary, as we will be in a position to at least retain the well-being of coming generations at the current level only when we continue with the mechanization and automation of vegetation management. Alamo Group The Netherlands wishes to offer a green future to everyone.

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